Monday, February 29, 2016

Font Styles and Your Blog

Unless you are using a customized blog template, there are only a few standard font styles to choose from. This is not necessarily a bad thing, since most web users are becoming with the typical font styles such as Arial, Times New Roman, and Verdana. These are simple to scan, and can help people scan blogs much more easily.  Choose a style that complements your website and company image, and you‘ll easily avoid using something that may not even download correctly on all web browsers. simply keep in mind the impact and readability of the text on screen, and you‘ll be creating it abundant easier for all readers to continue reading.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Choosing the Number of Columns

The number of columns in a very journal has been debated time and time once more, and there square measure each blessings and drawbacks of every.  All blogs square measure originated in as one-column, two-column, or three-column structures. the simplest thanks to decide one is to easily select one thing that suites your blog‘s purpose. as an example, if you propose on linking bent on partner sites or different blogs, you‘ll would like a three-column structure. this can provide you with enough house to form a blogroll and relevant links on the correct sidebar, embody your journal statement down the center, so place advertising and different links on the left facet bar.  
A two-column journal is most advantageous for a journal that has restricted advertising. you may still have house for an intensive link roll and maybe some contact data, however all reading can occur on the left facet of the page.  
A one-column journal is extremely basic, and could be a sensible place to start out if you wish the journal to square alone and not link bent on totally different areas. this can assist you produce immediate interest to the content itself, and can undoubtedly be less distracting for many net guests and readers. typically a lowest look works higher, particularly if you have got lots of content that needs attention.

Picking Appropriate Color Themes and Palettes

The first step in constructing AN acceptable layout involves the color theme. you wish to use colors that either match or complement your main web site, or perhaps simply go beside your written materials. keep in mind the worth in disapproval, particularly if you have got historically been AN offline company and square measure currently moving things ahead on the net.  
Color science will have a positive or negative result on each single traveler that reaches your website, and you'll be able to create the foremost of your disapproval strategy by exploitation special colors that evoke specific feelings. the subsequent colors square measure usually related to totally different emotions, feelings, and reactions in each positive and negative ways:

Red:   excitement, warmth, energy, and stimulating within the positive, however aggression and excessive visual impact within the negative.  Red may be a robust and powerful color, and may be used properly in refined ways in which.  It demands attraction and recognition, however may be perceived as too aggressive.  
Blue:   intelligent, cool, efficient, and trustworthy within the positive, however unfriendly and reserved within the negative.  Blue is actually soothing, and therefore the totally different hues will produce a peaceful and serene feeling.  However, it may be perceived as cold and unemotional thus you may ought to choose the correct tone to deliver the acceptable message.

Yellow: assured, creative, strong, and friendly within the positive; depressing, irrational, and even fearful within the negative.  Yellow may be a terribly stimulating and energizing color, however overusing it or exploitation the incorrect tone will work against you.

Green:   balance, rest, peace, environmentally friendly within the positive, but bored, bland, and stagnant within the negative. inexperienced is utilized in terribly positive ways in which for a refreshing and energizing color palette, however too several dark tones is perceived negatively.

Orange: heat, security, fun, and abundance within the positive, however frivolity and disorder within the negative.  Orange may be a terribly energizing color, and may conjointly attract immediate attention; but, an excessive amount of of it will indicate foolishness or not being taken seriously enough.

Pink: celebrity, love, tranquility within the positive, however weakness and inhibition within the negative.  Pink is soothing and engaging, however is debilitating and overdone terribly simply.  Avoid exploitation it unless it clearly matches and represents your complete.

Brown:   seriousness and heat within the positive, however lacking in flavor or style within the negative. robust browns is useful as accents, however a website utterly worn out brown will indicate ennui or lack of creativeness.  

Using powerful color mixtures is extremely useful once selecting the layout of your diary, and most diary platforms provide color combos thus you create the correct selection.  If you're planning your palette from scratch, simply keep in mind the principles of every color‘s psychological impact and proceed consequently.